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Clean Air Act Digest, 10.11.13

Clean Air Act Digest



Today is day 11 of the government shutdown following House Republicans’ refusal to vote on a “clean” Continuing Resolution to fund the government. The federal government is still predicted to run out of funds to pay its debts on October 17. The House Republican leadership has indicated a willingness to temporarily suspend enforcement of the debt ceiling, but a deal to reopen the government continues to be elusive. Republicans in the Senate, however, are crafting a proposal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling for three months. Discussions between the White House and Congress are ongoing. In the meantime, two Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) public hearings on carbon pollution standards for existing power plants, scheduled for next week, have been postponed due to the shutdown. For more information, see the events section below.




The EPA plans to hold 11 public hearings across the country in October and November to solicit input on reducing carbon pollution from existing power plants through the Clean Air Act. This is one of the first steps in the EPA’s process of issuing standards for existing power plants by June 2014, as directed by a Presidential Memorandum on June 25, 2013. The dates of these events are subject to change due to the government shutdown. Click here to see when the EPA will be coming to a city near you.




Urge Congress to Get Back to Work!

For the first time in 17 years, the government has shut down due to Congressional gridlock over policy debates. EPA and other vital government agencies have had to close their doors, putting our nation’s economy, health, and environment at risk and leaving thousands of people without a paycheck.

Don’t let the planet and human health suffer the consequences of government shutdown. Urge Congress to pass a clean funding bill to put the federal government back to work.


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Above is a sampling of the most recent resources related to upholding the Clean Air Act. Don’t forget USCAN has a series of pages that compile items like these and much more:

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