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Clean Air Act Digest, 11.4.11

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Pro-Pollution Plan S. 1786:

On Thursday, Senator Hatch introduced S. 1786, a pro-pollution plan that would block the EPA’s ability to clean-up life-threatening toxic air pollution. This bill is part of an extreme, ideological agenda that will cost lives. The bill included the REINS Act (S. 299), the bill also included a radical plan, dubbed the “REINS Act,” whereby no major regulation (i.e., those with an annual economic impact of $100 million or more) could take effect unless it is approved by both houses of Congress within 70 legislative days of being proposed. S. 1786 was defeated 53-47.

Rand Paul CRA:

As early as next Tuesday, we are expecting the Senate to vote on S.J. Res. 27, the Congressional Review Act resolution sponsored by Senator Rand Paul, which would void the life-saving Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR). Senator Paul’s proposal would allow more increases in dangerous air pollution and resulting health hazards than any action ever considered in the United States Senate.


The senate will soon take up HR 2354, another “minibus” appropriations bill including the Energy-Water, Financial Services, and State-Foreign Operations appropriations bills. As with previous appropriation bills, we expect many anti-environmental amendments to be filed and possibly come up for consideration.


European Union GHG Bill:

Last week, the House passed a bill (H.R. 2594) which seeks to stop the European program to control aviation’s carbon pollution. The bill essentially tells the U.S. government to work with U.S. companies to break another country’s law. And it tells the U.S.-based airlines to break the law in another country.


Take Action: Stop Playing Politics with Public Health

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has voted more than 165 times this year to undercut environmental protections and safeguards. Now, their allies in the U.S. Senate are gearing up for similar attacks, starting with an effort to block the life-saving Cross State Air Pollution Rule.

Send a message to your senators demanding they protect clean air!

Many thanks to the Sierra Club for providing this week’s Action Alert!

Finally if your organization is interested in sending out an action alert or email to your members please contact for more information.


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