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Clean Air Act Digest, 3.30.12

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Carbon Pollution Standard:

On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the first national limits on carbon pollution from new electric power plants. This is an incredibly important step forward to protect American’s health and well-being from the carbon pollution that is driving dangerous climate change.

Carbon pollution fuels climate change that raises temperatures and makes smog pollution worse, which can trigger asthma attacks and permanently damage and reduce the function of children’s lungs. Doctors, nurses, scientists and other experts agree that carbon pollution is dangerous for children. To read more about the health effects of climate change, please see Kim Knowlton’s blog:

The proposal is a critical step towards cleaning up and modernizing our power plant fleet. Each new plant will need to meet a specified emissions rate — 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour of electricity produced — that is technically feasible and economically reasonable. The next step will be to set standards to cut carbon pollution from the aging fleet of existing plants.

America’s power companies have the tools they need to meet the standard announced Tuesday. The Department of Energy, utility executives, and industry analysts all forecast that the nation’s needs for new electricity supplies over the next decade will be met by a combination of natural gas plants, renewables such as wind and solar, and possibly nuclear energy – all of which can meet the standard.

Tuesday’s announcement, of course, is only a proposal and not yet a sure thing. Factions of the coal and power industries, together with climate-change-denier groups and ultra-conservative politicians, will try to derail EPA’s new standard. It’s critical that all of our organizations weigh in by submitting comments and attending the public hearings later this spring. Please see the action alert section for more information. To read more about the proposal, the health benefits, and for links to supportive statements, please see the following blogs:


Support EPA’s Proposal to Limit Industrial Carbon Pollution from New Power Plants:

The EPA’s proposed limits on industrial carbon pollution from power plants are critical to protect the health of our kids and families, spark innovation in clean technologies and create American jobs. Industrial carbon pollution spewing from power plants threatens our health. Carbon pollution fuels climate change that raises temperatures and makes smog pollution worse, which can trigger asthma attacks and permanently damage and reduce the function of children’s lungs. It’s no surprise the American people support the Clean Air Act and the EPA’s efforts to update and enforce clean air standards, including carbon and mercury emissions from power plants.

Tell the EPA that you support its efforts to protect our health with new standards to reduce carbon pollution from new power plants and urge them to move forward with carbon pollution standards for existing plants.

Help drive comment collection by crafting an action alert for your organization. There is no official deadline yet, but once the rule is submitted to the Federal Register, the public will have 60 days to submit comments.

Current Action Alerts:

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Public Hearings:

EPA will hold public hearings on the recently proposed standards. Details on the timing and location for those hearings will be available once the proposal has been printed in the Federal Register. Stay tuned for updates.


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