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Clean Air Act Digest, 3.9.12

US Climate Action Network


Congressional Update:


Good news! Yesterday, the Collins amendment to block EPA’s air toxics standards for industrial boilers failed on the Senate floor. The amendment, offered to the unrelated Surface Transportation Act (S. 1813), needed 60 votes to pass but received a vote of 52-46. This anti-environmental rider would have re-written toxics standards for industrial boilers, stripping away longstanding Clean Air Act provisions that require deep reductions in toxic air pollution and firm compliance deadlines. Instead, the rider would have required EPA to mandate the weakest, “least burdensome” standards.


The Republican leadership has been struggling to come up with a revised version of their bill that could get enough votes to pass.  Several amendments attacking the Clean Air Act were filed for the first version of HR 7 and are likely to return when the House takes up the next version, possibly after next week’s House recess.


EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson stated in a congressional hearing last week that EPA is not currently developing greenhouse gas rules for oil refineries.  EPA announced in November 2011 that the agency would not meet a December 2011 deadline, established in a 2010 legal settlement with environmental groups, to release draft rules for oil refineries.


American Lung Association Lauds U.S. Senate’s Rejection of the Latest Attempt to Block Clean Air Protections, American Lung Association Press Release, 3.8.12

Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Fuel Economy Trends: 1975 Through 2011, Environmental Protection Agency Report, 3.2012

EPA Puts Greenhouse Gas Rules for Oil Refineries on Backburner, InsideClimate News, 3.8.12

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Congressional Letter Opposing Industrial Carbon Pollution Standards (NSPS) to the Office of Management and Budget, 2.23.12

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