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Clean Air Act Digest, 4.21.11

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The League of Conservation Voters launched radio ads this week in four congressional districts where lawmakers voted for the Upton bill (H.R. 910) stripping EPA of its power to regulate carbon pollution. LCV spokeswoman Kate Geller said the group chose to target Reps. Jason Altmire (D-PA), Dean Heller (R-NV), Denny Rehberg (R-MT) and Rep. Upton (R-MI) because they had voted consistently to strip EPA power to regulate carbon pollution. The group partnered with local LCV chapters on the $250,000 campaign.

Power Shift 2011 descended on Washington DC April 15-18- the conference brought together over 9,000 young organizers with leaders like Lisa Jackson, Al Gore, Van Jones, and Bill McKibben to fire up a grassroots movement for climate action across America. On Monday, thousands headed over the White House to protest polluters and pressure Obama to do more on climate change, clean air and clean energy and then went on to Capitol Hill to bring the message to members of Congress. More information about last weekend’s happenings can be found at

New Online Resources:

This month’s Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Environmental Health Policy Institute issue is dedicated to having air pollution and health experts comment on the achievements of the Clean Air Act. Robert Amundson, Douglas Brugge and Wig Zamore, Paul Epstein and Molly Rauch, Lin Kaatz Chary, Jon Levy, Alan Lockwood, Joanne Perron, and Kristin Walker-Hood share their views on the most important gains in modern air pollution management, as well as what remains to be done to adequately safeguard public health.

Union of Concerned Scientists have launched the “Clean Air Act: A $mart Investment” ticker to show the net benefits of the Clean Air Act from 1970 through the present.



Senate “Dirty Air Amendments” Accountability

Two weeks ago the Senate defeated a suite of dirty air deals that would have prevented the Environmental Protection Agency from taking action to reduce carbon pollution.

Please take this opportunity to thank your Senator for standing up for the health of the nation, including children with asthma, and for challenging the agenda of big polluters.


Please take this opportunity to express your disappointment with your Senator’s vote to put the agenda of big polluters ahead of the health of the nation and children with asthma.

Be heard; let your Senators know you noticed where they stand with big polluters! See NRDC’s full action alert with sample letters, short descriptions of each amendment, and links to see how your senators voted. Or for more information contact Jamie Consuegra,




EPA Power Plant Air Toxics Dear Colleague:

Representative Capps, Schakowsky and Wasserman Schultz are currently circulating a dear colleague letter in the House of Representatives in support of the EPA Power Plant Air Toxics Rule. Please urge Representatives to sign on to this letter to show support for protecting kids from mercury and toxic air pollution. For more details please contact Paul Billings at America Lung Association,

Comments for Mercury and Air Toxics Standards:

A month ago, EPA announced the most important actions to clean up air pollution from dirty coal-burning power plants since the Clean Air Act was last updated in 1990.  EPA’s proposed mercury and air toxics standards for power plants that burn coal and oil are projected to save as many as 17,000 American lives every year by 2015. There is no official deadline yet but once officially submitted into the Federal Register we will have 60 days to submit comments. Please see the Sierra Club’s factsheet and sample action alert and comment card for more information.




Public Hearings for Mercury Air Toxics Standard:

EPA will hold public hearings on the recently released Mercury Air Toxics Standard in Philadelphia, Chicago and Atlanta. Details on the timing and location for those hearings will be made available soon in a separate Federal Register notice and posted at



Tell the EPA: Protect U.S. from Toxic Mercury, Arsenic and Lead Pollution, Credo Action Alert 4.19.11

Bills That Would Limit the U.S. EPA’s Clean Air Act Authorities, World Resources Institute Article 4.19.11

Myths and Facts about U.S. EPA Standards, World Resources Institute Article 4.19.11

What is the Most Important Achievement We’ve Gained Through Air Pollution Management?, Environmental Health Policy Institute Online Expert Forum Dedicated to the Achievements of the Clean Air Act 4.14.11

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USCAN’s Clean Air Act Pages include a compilation of member materials.


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