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Clean Air Act Digest, 6.3.11

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Yesterday, UCS released a report: Climate Change and Your Health: Rising Temperatures, Worsening Ozone Pollution. The report demonstrates how higher temperatures could increase ozone pollution above current levels, and analyzes the potential health consequences of these ozone increases in 2020 and 2050, as well as the economic costs of these health impacts in 2020.

On June 8th the Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Children’s Health and Environmental Responsibility will hold a hearing on the impacts of air pollution on children.

Representative Whitfield (R-KY) has once again announced his intention to introduce legislation that will block or delay the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to reduce toxic pollution from power plants.


Tell President Obama to Clean Up Our Air!

Smog does more than cloud your skyline — it irritates your lungs, triggers asthma attacks, increases emergency room visits and can lead to irreversible lung damage or even death. There is no doubt that smog is a nasty, pernicious pollutant — but we have the technology and the opportunity to clean up our air. The EPA is now considering a new smog standard that will better protect our health.

Let President Obama know that you want him to set a new smog standard that will protect your health. Please see Sierra Club’s action alert template or contact Melinda Pierce at melinda.pierce@sierraclub.org for more information.

Comments for Mercury and Air Toxics Standards:

After 20 years of delay, the Environmental Protection Agency has finally proposed strong mercury and air toxics standards for power plants. EPA’s proposed standards for power plants that burn coal and oil are projected to save as many as 17,000 American lives every year by 2015. However, it’s up to us to demonstrate powerful public demand over the next few months to keep the standard strong against relentless industry attacks.

These standards have officially been entered into the Federal Register. We now have until July 5th, 2011 to submit comments. Please see the Sierra Club’s factsheet, sample action alert and comment card for more information. If you are planning to generate comments please contact Lyndsay Moseley at Lyndsay.Moseley@sierraclub.org.


EPA Power Plant Air Toxics Dear Colleague:

Representative Capps, Schakowsky and Wasserman Schultz are currently circulating a dear colleague letter in the House of Representatives in support of the EPA Power Plant Air Toxics Standard. Please urge Representatives to sign on to this letter to show support for protecting kids from mercury and toxic air pollution. For more details please contact Paul Billings at America Lung Association, pbillings@lungusa.org. Also, check out the Sierra Club’s online action alert.

Mercury and Air Toxics Coalition Letter:

Environment America is circulating a coalition letter intended to show broad support for the Mercury Air Toxics standards from many different stakeholders. Feel free to circulate this far and wide, as we want as many groups as possible on the letter. They are still accepting final additions, sign-on is currently at *just* under 200 groups, so if your group hasn’t signed on, please do! All organizations are welcome, please view the letter and sign on here. For more information contact Shelly Vinyard at Shelley@environmentamerica.org.


Tallying Up the Impact of New EPA Rules, Economic Policy Institute Briefing Paper 5.31.11

American Lung Association Ad on Smog, 5.31.11

Tommy Allred Meets the President, Council on Environmental Quality (50 States United for Healthy Air participant) Blog 5.27.11

Group Letter to President Obama on Ozone NAAQS, 5.19.11

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