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Clean Air Act Digest, 6.17.11

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EPA update:

This past week the EPA announced that they will delay issuing a proposal for controlling greenhouse gases from power plants (NSPS) for two months. The proposal is now expected out in late September and the final rule is still expected in May of 2012.

Administrator Jackson is expected to deliver a new smog standard to the White House today or early next week. We are hopeful that the new standard will sufficiently protect health and that the President will endorse this new standard. Organizations have continued to send alerts to the White House. Please see NRDC’s action alert


On Wednesday, Lisa Jackson testified in front of the Environment and Public Works Committee on EPA’s efforts to protect public health. In her testimony, the Administrator outlined the importance of the Clean Air Act, highlighting the number of lives that will be saved by updating clean air standards.


Last week Representative Dingell (D-MI) circulated a dear colleague letter requesting that the EPA extend the comment period for the power plant air toxics rule, currently scheduled to close on July 5th. The letter has the support of over 20 offices. Please consider contacting House offices and urge them to support the EPA’s timeline and a strong rule that will reduce mercury and toxic air pollution. You can contact Shelley Vinyard at Environment America for more information,


The American Lung Association conducted a nationwide, bipartisan survey to examine voters’ views of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the agency’s efforts to update pollution standards. According to the new data Americans across the country are overwhelmingly supportive of the Environmental Protection Agency and the agency’s efforts to update standards for life-threatening air pollutants such as smog. For more information visit:


Tell President Obama to Clean Up Our Air!

Smog does more than cloud your skyline it irritates your lungs, triggers asthma attacks, increases emergency room visits and can lead to irreversible lung damage or even death. There is no doubt that smog is a nasty, pernicious pollutant but we have the technology and the opportunity to clean up our air. The EPA is now considering a new smog standard that will better protect our health.

Let President Obama know that you want him to set a new smog standard that will protect your health. Please see Sierra Club’s action alert template or contact Melinda Pierce at for more information.

Mercury and Air Toxics Comment Deadline Approaching:

With just over two weeks left before the July 5th deadline, for those who haven’t made their voice heard it’s time to urge the EPA to finalize strong air pollution standards for power plants.

Three months ago, after 20 years of delay, the Environmental Protection Agency finally proposed strong mercury and air toxics standards for power plants. EPA’s proposed standards for power plants that burn coal and oil are projected to save as many as 17,000 American lives every year by 2015.

As the comment period closes many have already lent their voice of support. Last month, hundreds of concerned Americans attended EPA public hearings in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Chicago to ask for stronger protections from mercury pollution. See the NAACP’s blog from the Chicago hearings here. However it’s not surprising that the biggest and dirtiest polluters are hoping to weaken or delay the new standards. Don’t waste any more time to weigh in and speak up for standards that will save lives and protect children. Please see the Sierra Club’s fact sheet for more information on the proposed standards and check out this sample action alert and comment card template that can be used to draft your own.

More resources :

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Sample action alerts:

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Tell EPA: Close Toxic Air Pollution Loophole from Coal-fired Power Plants, American Lung Association


EPA Power Plant Air Toxics Dear Colleague:

Representative Capps, Schakowsky and Wasserman Schultz are currently circulating a dear colleague letter in the House of Representatives in support of the EPA Power Plant Air Toxics Standard. Please urge Representatives to sign on to this letter to show support for protecting kids from mercury and toxic air pollution. Please note the deadline for this letter is approaching early next week. For more details please contact Shelly Vinyard at Also, check out the Sierra Club’s online action alert.

Broad Coalition Smog (Ozone) Letter

Recently, the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) unanimously advised Environmental Protection Administrator Lisa Jackson that the scientific evidence strongly supports a new ozone health standard. Setting a more protective standard would save 10,000 lives annually. Ozone, the primary component of smog, is the nation’s most pervasive air pollutant. The American Lung Association is circulating a letter which will go to President Obama to urge him to support the more protective, scientifically proven, standard. Click here to add your organization’s name to the sign-on letter to President Obama. For questions or more information please contact Tiffany Williams at Please feel free to share with other organizations that would consider signing as well.


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