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Clean Air Act Digest, 6.24.11

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Eight Energy and Commerce Committee members, four Republicans and four Democrats introduced H.R. 2250, the EPA Regulatory Relief Act of 2011, legislation that will delay and weaken EPA’s air toxics standards for boilers. Critics say the agency needs more time to get it right but EPA has already delayed the rule’s release allowing boilers- still a completely unregulated industrial source- to dump unlimited amount of pollution into our air endangering public health.

This week the House passed the Jobs and Energy Permitting Act H.R. 2021, legislation that will exempt the world’s largest corporations from important Clean Air Act requirements that otherwise require investment in air pollution controls for offshore drilling. This legislation would likely result in increased air pollution from OCS sources, including nitrogen dioxide, particulates, and sulfur dioxide. The While House issued a Statement of Administration Policy opposing the bill.


This week EPA extended the timeline for public input by 30 days on the proposed mercury and air toxics standards. EPA’s statement underscored the extension will not alter the timeline for issuing the final standards in November 2011. American Lung Association issued a press release expressing disappointment in seeing ‘EPA accede to pleas from industry lawyers, lobbyists and there allies in Congress calling for additional time, on top of the 111 days already provided, to review and comment on the proposal…This deadline is vital because the Mercury and Air Toxics Rule, when fully implemented, will prevent an estimated 120,000 asthma attacks and 17,000 premature deaths each year.’


Mercury and Air Toxics Comment Deadline Extension:

We now an additional 30 days to submitt comments, for those who haven’t made their voice heard it’s time to take this extra oppurtunity to urge the EPA to finalize strong air pollution standards for power plants.

Three months ago, after 20 years of delay, the Environmental Protection Agency finally proposed strong mercury and air toxics standards for power plants. EPA’s proposed standards for power plants that burn coal and oil are projected to save as many as 17,000 American lives every year by 2015.

Don’t waste any more time to weigh in and speak up for standards that will save lives and protect children. Please see the Sierra Club’s fact sheet for more information on the proposed standards and check out this sample action alert and comment card template that can be used to draft your own.

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Broad Coalition Smog (Ozone) Letter

Recently, the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) unanimously advised Environmental Protection Administrator Lisa Jackson that the scientific evidence strongly supports a new ozone health standard. Setting a more protective standard would save 10,000 lives annually. Ozone, the primary component of smog, is the nation’s most pervasive air pollutant. The American Lung Association is circulating a letter which will go to President Obama to urge him to support the more protective, scientifically proven, standard. Click here to add your organization’s name to the sign-on letter to President Obama by C.O.B June 30th. For questions or more information please contact Tiffany Williams at Please feel free to share with other organizations that would consider signing as well.


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