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Clean Air Act Digest, 9.1.11

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On August 29 Majority Leader Eric Cantor released ‘The House Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators’ a polluters wish list that would roll back and undo critical air pollution standards for most major rules currently being updated under the Clean AIr Act. From the Mercury Air Toxics Rule to standards that would reduce smog the House Republican plan clearly puts the polluters agenda above public health threats. The plan lays out a schedule of votes from Sept 19 to later this winter that attempt to repeal critical standards that protect our families and communities. House minority leadership is calling this plan the “No Jobs Agenda” because job creation does not come from repealing life-saving regulations. For more information see John Walke’s blog:  Stay tuned for actions you can take to oppose this agenda.


On Tuesday President Barack Obama released a list of the Administration’s most expensive rules.  This was in response to a request made by Speaker Boehner last week.  Rules that will cost more than $1 billion annually include ozone, mercury air toxics from power plants, air toxics from boilers and coal ash. Unfortunately, the Administration’s assessment did not take into account the projected cost-saving benefits from these rules.


The Administration has yet to release the final Ozone (smog) rule. EPA indicated in a federal appeals court filing on Thursday that they may need 2-3 months to finalize the rule.  However, the timing is still unknown and could be earlier than this requested schedule.


Take the Clean Air Promise!

As Congress continues to consider several bills that would limit the EPA’s ability to enforce clean air standards that protect us from air pollution, the League of Women Voters and leading public health, advocacy and environmental organizations have launched the Clean Air Promise campaign – an effort to bring the coordinated assault on the clean air act to the attention to parents, families,communities and our leaders and ask them to promise to protect clean air.

Making the promise for clean air will send a message to the big polluters that it’s time to change business-as-usual. Visit and make the promise.

Click here for sample press release, Op-Ed template or email for more information and other template materials.


As you may know, Sens. Collins and Wyden are lead cosponsors of S.1392. This bill indefinitely delays compliance with the long overdue industrial boiler air toxics standard AND allows the incineration of wastes like tires, chemically treated wood, etc. to go unmonitored, uncontrolled, and unreported in nearly 200K incinerators across the nation. Please join in asking Senators to oppose this bill by signing a community letter by Friday September 2, 2011. For more information, the letter draft or to sign on please contact Jeremy Graham at


Congressional Hearings:

The House Energy & Commerce subcommittee will hold a legislative hearing on the EPA Regulatory Relief Act and Cement MACT on September 8. For more information click here.

The House Science Energy & Environment Subcommittee will hold a legislative hearing on Ozone NAAQS on September 9. For more information click here.


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