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Clean Air Act Digest, 9.30.11

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The TRAIN Act:

The TRAIN Act (H.R. 2401)—the most deadly bill on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s Pollution Plan— was brought to the House floor last Friday (9/23).  The bill repeals the more protective smog and soot limits in the EPA’s “Cross State Air Pollution Rule” and blocks adoption of the mercury and air toxics standards, both for power plants. These attacks would result in up to 33,450 premature deaths, thousands of heart attacks and many tens of thousands of asthma attacks.  It passed with 249 votes,19 democrats voted for the bill and 4 republicans voted against the bill.

More Clean Air Act Attacks Coming Next Week:

The week of October 2nd, two bills aimed at blocking critical health protections against mercury and other toxic air pollution from incinerators and boilers (H.R. 2250) and cement plants (H.R. 2681) are expected to be brought up for a House floor vote. These bills continue the deadly trend of the Cantor Pollution Plan – rolling back clean air safeguards and putting millions of American lives at risk. H.R. 2250 and H.R. 2681 nullify existing clean air standards for cement plants, incinerators and industrial boilers that collectively number in the thousands emitting mercury, arsenic, lead and cancer-causing toxins into our communities. Then these two bills allow the indefinite delay of compliance with these toxic air pollution standards, providing no guarantee of reductions even within a decade. Both bills forbid EPA from issuing final standards for these facilities for 15 months and also eliminate any deadlines by which industrial polluters must meet final standards once they are issued.  For more information see John Walke’s blog:


Senator Rand Paul is attempting to use the Congressional Review Act to block the life-saving Cross State Air Pollution Rule.  Finalized this past July, the Cross State Air Pollution Rule will address power plant emissions that cross state lines and contribute to unsafe levels of air pollution. Senator Paul’s shortsighted CRA effort would permanently block these standards; putting millions of Americans at risk, particularly children, seniors and those with respiratory disease.  The Cross State Air Pollution Rule will prevent as many as 34,000 premature deaths, 15,000 heart attacks, 400,000 cases of asthma and hundreds of thousands of cases of other respiratory ailments every year.  Starting in 2014, the rule is estimated to result in $120 to $280 billion in annual benefits.


Tell Your Representative to Protect Kids from Dirty Air by Defeating Two New Bad Bills

A week ago, House Republicans proposed and passed the TRAIN Act – an attack on clean air that would put America’s kids at risk. Now Republican leaders are back with TWO more dirty air bills. Urge your representative to vote NO on the cement plant bill (H.R. 2681) AND the incinerator-boiler bill (H.R. 2250). You can see how your representative voted on the TRAIN Act here so, don’t forget to thank them if they voted NO.

Please consider sending an action alert on these bills. To see NRDC’s full action alert click here. For other template materials contact Jamie Consuegra at

“We the People” Petition the Obama Administration to: Protect Children from Dangerous Air Pollution

The White House recently launched its new “We the People” online petitioning tool. This new formal petition process allows individuals to petition the Obama Administration to take action.  If a petition gets enough support, 5,000 signatures or more, the White House will issue an official response.

The President promised Alexandra Allred and her son Tommy that he’d fight for clean air. But the administration’s recent decision to further delay long overdue smog protections was a very disappointing step backwards.  See full action alert here.

We  depend on President Obama to stand with the children most affected by polluted air, scientists and public health experts and deliver on his promise for clean air. Lend your voice! Call on the President to honor his promise to Tommy  and to protect the health of Americans by working as hard as he can to keep dangerous pollutants like mercury, carbon and soot out of our air. Almost 9,000 people have signed Tommy’s petition but we know many more support this cause so lets keep it up and show our support!

Please sign the petition here — it only takes a few steps.

Please promote and pass this petition along to others to sign – See sample tweets here.

Finally if your organization is interested in sending out an action alert or email to your members please contact for more information.


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