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Clean Air Act Digest, 12.16.11

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Next week we expect the Administration to announce life-saving standards that will curb mercury and other toxic air pollution from power plants. These new measures will save up to 17,000 lives every year and will prevent 11,000 heart attacks. This is a huge victory for the clean air community. Please take this opportunity to thank the Administration for these new protective standards that will save lives and protect children.

Capitol Hill Update:

Late last night House and Senate Appropriators reached a deal on a spending package that will fund the government through September 2012.  While there are still a number of bad environmental riders in the final bill, none of the most egregious clean air measures made it into the final package.

On Tuesday, the House passed their payroll tax cut extension bill, which included riders to delay clean up of the dirtiest industrial boilers. Nearly 40 million Americans live within three miles of at least one of these types of industrial facilities that emits uncontrolled or poorly-controlled levels of toxic air pollution (like mercury, lead, and formaldehyde).  For years, these known emitters of neurotoxins and carcinogens have been poisoning nearby residential neighborhoods, schools and communities.  To read more about the House bill, please see Frances Beinecke’s blog and to learn more about EPA’s plants to clean up boilers, see John Walke’s blog. The Senate is expected to vote down the House bill, possibly on Saturday, and in the meantime congressional leaders and the White House are negotiating over the payroll tax package.  Republicans are pushing to include legislation to expedite building the Keystone XL pipeline.


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