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Bangkok Round-up, Hotline 9.13.12

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Bangkok Climate Talks

(Photo credit: Adopt A Negotiator, Creative Commons/Flickr)

Last week, the latest round of climate talks concluded in Bangkok, Thailand. The talks were held in preparation for the next UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP 18), which will begin November 26, 2012 in Doha, Qatar. The Bangkok sessions set out to resolve and find practical solutions to various outstanding issues from the Durban negotiations held last year (COP 17) and the June 2012 Bonn intercessional meetings.

In Bangkok, progress was made under the Kyoto protocol on extending mitigation for developed country parties from 2013-2020. Parties recommended an amendment that would allow a second commitment period to start immediately on January 1, 2013. The biggest issue remaining is, of course, whether key countries such as Australia, Russia, Ukraine and New Zealand will be on board for the second commitment period.

Countries also continued roundtable discussions on their visions for the new comprehensive post-2020 agreement, to be negotiated by 2015, as well as plans for increasing mitigation ambition and to explore opportunities for bridging the ambition gap.

In Bangkok the most contentious discussions involved talks to move forward on climate finance, technology transfer and adaptation. There will be a lot of work cut out for Parties in Doha, so stay tuned! Civil society groups look forward to increased ambition targets from developed countries in Doha and agreement on climate finance to enable developing countries to take more ambitious action on reducing deforestation, building capacity for adaptation and to facilitate technology transfer.

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