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Copenhagen Accord: What’s Hot This Week

April 14, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

USCAN is tracking intel and developments surrounding the Copenhagen Accord. Here’s the very latest:

  • Margaret Mukahanan-Sangarwe, the Chair of the Long-term Cooperative Action (LCA) negotiating track, was given leeway by delegates at the Bonn talks last weekend to prep text ahead of the June intercessional “under her own responsibility.” While there had been debate about whether she could draw from the Copenhagen Accord, the Chair indicated she would use “whatever text [is] appropriate,” according a NRDC Switchboard blog article.
  • Bolivia’s chief delegate Pablo Solon said that Denmark, in addition to the United States, has cut off climate aid to his country. Denmark has not officially linked aid with acceptance of the accord, but a draft Danish government aid plan presented on March 19 forecasts a shift in most of their development aid to Africa.
  • In an interview with The Progress, Angelica Navarro, another Bolivian delegate, claims the Copenhagen Accord allows for up to a 4 degree Celsius increase in global temperatures.
Quick Links

  • Quamrul Chowdhury, lead negotiator for 49 least developed nations, said members of the United Nations would likely agree to enshrine a “significant portion” of the Copenhagen Accord into negotiating text, according to Business Week article.
  • The Centre for European Policy Studies released a literature review on the Copenhagen Accord. The 18-page report found that most analyses of the pact regarded it as a “stepping-stone” in the right direction, but found that the agreement’s vagueness was a major shortcoming that would hamper implementation.
  • Yvo De Boer told youth in Bonn that the Copenhagen Accord could be a useful instrument if used as a reference your “back pocket” rather than “stapled to your forehead,” according to a Tweet by a Tufts University student.
  • Reporter John Vidal of The Guardian published a leaked document that apparently outlines the United States’ “strategic communications objectives.” Among them was to “create a clear understanding of the CA’s [Copenhagen Accord’s] standing and the importance of operationalizing ALL elements.” US deputy climate envoy Jonathan Pershing denied knowledge of the email but said the Copenhagen Accord was a “package” and the United States is “not prepared to see a process go forward in which certain elements are cherry-picked.” When questioning Pershing at a press conference (webcast), Vidal didn’t indicate the source of the leak, but shared that the email was “found on a computer screen in some European capital left by someone… somewhere.”
  • Rainforest Action Network featured the Copenhagen Accord on their video blog, Greenwash of the Week.
  • Forty-one percent of the United States’ pollution-reduction commitment under the Copenhagen Accord can be met through regional carbon markets by 2020, according to a new analysis by Point Carbon.

Heard other new developments of importance? Please let us know!

— Rhys Gerholdt (rgerholdt@climatenetwork.org)



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