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Call Your Senator for the Climate’s Sake

January 8, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

The environmental group 1Sky is asking supporters of strong climate legislation to make next Tuesday, January sencall_email_200px12th, a national call-in day for the climate.

Callers are encouraged to ask their Senators to take action on a climate bill and also to vote “no” on limiting the EPA’s power to regulate greenhouse gases under the proposed Murkowski amendment. The Senate will soon be voting on increasing the statutory limit on the public debt and as part of that, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) will be allowed to offer an amendment that would limit EPA’s authority to curb emissions, which 1Sky calls a giveaway to the coal industry.

1Sky is asking supporters to sign up for the Jan. 12 effort on their Web site.

“Our path forward in 2010 is very clear — we must show the U.S. Senate that public support exists to pass climate legislation for green jobs, the climate, and our future,” 1Sky said on its Web site. “Senate action is critical to ensuring that the global community can move forward.”

1Sky describes itself as a collaboration of “hundreds of national environmental groups, state and local organizations, business, religious, health, social justice and military leaders, scientists, economists, elected officials, donors, celebrities and citizens nationwide.”


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