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Climate Change Podcast Available

November 18, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

World on Fire, the media channel of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, now brings you news of the climate movement in a podcast. global-warming-world-on-fire-opt

This month the podcast looks at a few little-understood tools for combating climate change:

Act 1: The true cost of fossil fuels – Thom Hartmann

Act 2: Inhofe headed to Copenhagen – Ring of Fire

Act 3: Colin Beavan is No Impact Man – Colbert Report

Act 4: Rob Dunbar on ocean temps – Found Object Films

Act 5: Giant greenhouse blamed for climate change – The Onion Act 6: Climate deniers – Ring of Fire

Act 7: Oil industry employees rally – Rachel Maddow

Act 8: News of the warm – Le Show

Act 9: Shia Agassi on fresh sun power – Found Object Films

Act 10: Steven Levitt on economics of geo-engineering – Daily Show

Act 11: The arguement for switching to natural gas – Ring of Fire

Act 12: News of the warm – Le Show


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