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Funk the Warming Protests in DC

February 1, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

DC Students for a Democratic Society and DC 2010-01-29 Funk_0489Rising Tide organized a protest last Friday against “Fossil Hawks,” saying that the War on Terror and the Corporate War on the Earth are one in the same, It’s Getting Hot in Here reports.

The protesters said they were fighting back against military recruiters who take advantage of 50% youth unemployment while the Fossil Hawks get rich from the wars.

From the event’s press release…

WASHINGTON DC – Young anti-war and environmental organizers are mobilizing in response to the failure of the UN Copenhagen climate talks, escalation of the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the crisis of 50% youth unemployment. “Young people are turning up the pressure because we are not convinced by Obama’s promises to draw back from war and support a clean energy-driven economic recovery,” says Brian Menifee, Howard University student activist.

Funk the Warming participants will parade and dance with a mobile sound system behind a banner reading, “Student Power for Climate Justice, Down with the Fossil Hawks.” Organizers have choreographed a diverse sequence of rowdy non-violent actions targeting corporate and military sites on K Street. “We’re dropping beats, not bombs to show that youth have the power and creativity to build a peaceful green economic recovery,” explains GWU student activist, Drew Sherlock.

Chevron and Halliburton will be targeted for their involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and their contribution to global warming. Halliburton provides military logistics, oilfield services, and builds power plants. Chevron owns Unocal, the company that planned the trans-Afghanistan pipeline in the 1990s. Sam Daly from DC Rising Tide: “Piping Central Asian gas and oil through Afghanistan and controlling Iraqi oilfields are the true motivations behind the US occupations. Resource wars abuse the earth and exploit the young people who inevitably fight them.”

Military recruitment is flourishing thanks to mass youth unemployment and the $20 billion recruiting budget. Meanwhile, the Green Jobs training program is pinching its meager $500 million stimulus funding. Brian Menifee: “College tuition hikes are out of control and too many of our peers can’t afford school or find a job other than war. We want green jobs and education not these resource wars that are killing our future.”

Students from American University, George Mason University, UMD College Park, Howard U, GWU, Arne Arundel Community College, and local high schools will make-up the groundswell of the parade. DC Students for a Democratic Society, an education justice network, and DC Rising Tide, a direct action climate justice collective, are coordinating the event.


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