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Growing Business Advocacy Group Focuses on Sustainability

November 2, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

newvoiceBusinesses hoping for an alternative to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has lost several prominent members recently over its obstructionism on climate legislation, might consider the New Voice of Business, a non-profit business advocacy group that puts sustainability high on its agenda.

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Elliot Hoffman  

Phone: 415-626-3625

It’s built into their mission, in fact, which is to inform, engage and mobilize an influential network of business people to advocate for a sustainable economy and encourage best practices that align the priorities of the planet, people and profits. They call this philosophy “Business 3.0.”

The New Voice of Business was formed four years ago by Elliot Hoffman, co-founder and former CEO of Just Desserts, at a time when the California Chamber of Commerce was lobbying the state legislature against subsidies for rooftop solar panels. Hoffman brought together a group of businessmen who worked with the Public Utilities Commission to talk about the benefits of a large-scale solar power effort, and the result was a 10-year, $3.35-billion program to subsidize solar panel installations, known as The Million Solar Roofs Initiative.

Such accomplishments come from the belief that, as the group’s Web site says, “Individual businesses need not wait for policy change before moving forward with solutions that provide environmental, social and economic sustainability. A broad range of innovative business practices boost profitability – while helping to ensure opportunity and prosperity for society.”

New Voice of Business has a membership of 2,500 business leaders – and counting.


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