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Veterans Spread the Word: Climate Change is a National Security Threat

October 26, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

eb-natsecurityYesterday, Veterans for American Power wrapped up a bus tour that took them to 39 cities in 21 states, where they spread the message that climate change is a national security threat, and we need a clean energy economy not tied to fossil fuels.

For more information:
Michael Moschella, campaign manager

Phone: 202-281-8120

In press conferences, meetings with local officials and reporters and gatherings in VFW halls, the vets tried to impart the importance of the issue. “It’s really important that we let people know that what we learned in the military is to prepare for threats in advance,” said Army vet Rafael Noboa, who served in Iraq. “With climate disruption, we know the threat is coming. Our own military is preparing for it. People need to understand that if we don’t prepare for it and change to a clean energy economy then we will face a dangerous future.”

The tour was sponsored by Operation Free, a coalition of veterans and national security groups raising public awareness about the importance of building a clean energy economy, and it got the attention of President Obama, who commended their efforts in a speech at MIT on Friday.

At one stop on the tour, Marine Corp veteran Matt Victoriano, who served two tours as a sniper in Iraq, told a crowd, “We didn’t just come here to talk about clean energy and a clean environment. I came because I saw with my own two eyes what men and women are dying for over there. As a Marine, I can tell you don’t wait until you’re 100 percent sure of anything on the battlefield. The time to get off our oil economy and switch to clean energy sources is now.”


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