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This Week’s Hot Reads

March 18, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

A UN study released this week found good and bad in climate-related conditions for Arctic creatures. Bowhead whales, white-tailed eagles, and the Atlantic Puffin are gaining in numbers. The numbers of Atlantic cod, lemmings, the brown bear and the polar bear in the western Hudson Bay are declining.

Environmental Defense Fund’s “The Good Haul” study on modernizing the freight transportation network is worth reading even if you aren’t into trains.

Cambridge Energy Research Associates published a study that detailed the surge in energy demand from the developing world that has moved energy efficiency to a much higher priority.

A collaborative study, the second annually, looks at the condition of birds in the era of climate change.

The Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest just finished a fine piece of research on energy and agriculture. Ceres looks at sustainability.

A collaboration of 13 organizations produced “Indigenous Lands, Protected Areas, and Slowing Climate Change,” to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses from deforestation and degradation.

The New York Times spotlights a study that finds most of the energy efficiency tools and supplies to make homes and businesses lower energy consumers are made in the U.S.



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