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All Eyes Are on Japan, Climate Action Hotline 3.14.11

US Climate Action Network

Peter Bahouth, Executive Director

March 14, 2011

All Eyes Are on Japan

Image: Fukushima power plant, Japan

If there is one thing we have learned over the last few days it’s that legislation often falls short in trying to anticipate and deal with the forces of nature.

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a heartbreaking and horrifying disaster like the one in Japan to give us pause to reconsider our rush to ignore even the limited science at our disposal when it comes to energy policy. The role of nuclear energy in the mix of future energy production is now subject to reconsideration, and that’s a good thing. We can only hope that society takes this one step further to understand that nature and the science of global warming should form the basis of a truly safe and clean energy future.

For more on nuclear power and the situation in Japan please see:

Our hearts go out to those affected in Japan and we wish them the best recovery possible. Next week we will return to our normal hotline format.

Peter Bahouth, Executive Director

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“Our hearts go out to the people of Japan. There is a danger that if the containment is lost, and if there is a breach of the reactor, we could see a massive radiation release that is the worst-case scenario. It is crucial that officials are transparent and provide all available information to the public,”

– Damon Moglen, nuclear expert and director of the climate and energy project at Friends of the Earth