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Senate Hearings on Climate and Energy Bill: Climate Action Hotline, Oct. 29

US Climate Action Network

October 29, 2009

ca_1028_kerryWelcome to Climate Action Hotline, USCAN’s weekly email alert that builds on the good work of the original Hotline to assess progress towards a new global agreement on climate change. Along with a design update, Climate Action Hotline provides a more succinct and sharper view of trends and policy. And we’ll spotlight the telling quotes, the penetrating videos, and the important events. Let us know what you think.

As we draw closer to Copenhagen the pace and urgency of policymaking and action to curb climate-changing emissions is quickening. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held three days of hearings this week that were distinguished by the strong cases for clean energy and reducing emissions presented by the Obama administration and NGO leaders. Some committee members demonstrated ideological stubbornness and still denied the risk of increasing concentrations of carbon in the atmosphere.

A lot of people are trying to change that including 49 clean energy and climate advocates that flew into Washington last week from 1 states to urge lawmakers from both parties to support the legislation.

While the advocates were in Washington, President Obama was on the road speaking in Massachusetts and in Florida over the last week to support the Senate legislation, which would provide enormous investment and new oversight to accelerate clean energy development, and reduce threats to the environment and national security.

Also on Saturday, tens of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands more citizens in 180 other nations displayed in words, flags, signs, dances, videos, street theater and other creative acts their support for acting now to cut climate emissions. An energy rebellion has broken out across the country and the world, and the events explored its dimensions, strength, and influence.

More next week from Barcelona. Talk to you then, Keith

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