Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Earth’s Titanic Challenge, Hotline 4.16.12

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Earth’s Titanic Challenge

This past weekend marked a hundred years from when the Titanic sank tragically in the icy Atlantic Ocean. Although a century ago, this historic event has not only lived on but gained epic recognition  in popular culture. Not surprisingly, this symbol of avoidable demise has been used as metaphor for climate change more than once. In this week’s blog pick, Joe Romm of Climate Progress features Director James Cameron‘s recent comments on the connection between what happened and our climate predicament.  In an interesting opinion piece, Stephen Hiltner explores this topic for the Times of Trenton. Hopefully, we’ll learn from our mistakes before it’s too late.

The Titanic At 100 Years: We’re Still Ignoring Warnings, This Time It’s Climate Change, Says Director James Cameron

Opinion: Earth’s Passengers Should Learn From Titanic Mistakes