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Five Ways Climate Solutions Spreads Hope and Inspires More Action on Climate Change: Success Story Saturday 7.12.14

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In a twisted way, this is an exciting time.  Hear us out. In the face of the immensely daunting, painfully urgent issue of climate change, there are three (primary) ways that we can react. In order from worst to best reactions, the options are:  A) denial,  B) hopeless acceptance, or  C) head-on, full-force tackling of the issue.

Why are these times exciting?

Because organizations like Climate Solutions are choosing option C.







Twitter: @climatesolution

 Empowering, productive, and optimistic,Climate Solutions spreads hope and inspires action on climate in many ways. Here are the top five.

 1)  The Solutions Stories Project

Spreading the word about what people are already accomplishing!

Have you ever needed a pick-me-up about climate, and wished that there was, say, a remarkable compilation of wide-ranging, inspiring climate solution stories, complete with videos?  We know you have. Welcome to your new favorite webpage.

The latest Solution Story: A former Texas oilman and a public health advocate stand up to Big Oil.

2) Strategic Innovation Programs

Harnessing human innovation to solve climate issues!

Climate Solutions’ Strategic Innovation programs catalyze replicable, scalable, economically practical solutions to climate change. They are incredible, effective, and cover major bases.

climatesolutions2  climatesolutions3  cs3 

Image credit: Climate Solutions

3) Broad, Winning Campaigns

Empowering the people to have a voice!

For over a decade, Climate Solutions has led successful initiatives to deliver climate and energy policy that accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy. The Northwest has emerged as a center of climate leadership, and Climate Solutions is an active catalyst, advocate, and campaign hub for this leadership.

cs4  cs5  cs6

Image Credit: Climate Solutions

4) Business Engagement

Climate activism from an economic standpoint!

Climate Solutions started and hosts Business Leaders for Climate Solutions(BLCS), which brings together executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who are committed to strong action to reduce global warming pollution and a transition to a clean and energy-efficient economy. BLCS now includes over 1,000 powerful business leaders who are preparing to manage climate risks, seizing clean-energy opportunities, and promoting broad, sustainable prosperity!

cs8  cs9  cs10

Image Credit: Climate Solutions

5) You (yes, you) can be part of the solution

a. Engage

Stay in touch and learn about ways that you can be involved with important climate and clean energy issues!

b. Learn

Check out their compilation of resources!

c. Participate in Events

In the Northwest and beyond.

d. Last and certainly not least, GIVE THEM SOME LOVE!

We are proud to have Climate Solutions as a member of the U.S. Climate Action Network. We look forward to watching them continue to harness the power of human innovation to address climate change!





About: This blog is about SUCCESS in the climate action network. Our network is composed of a diverse array of organizations, united by a common goal of acting on climate change, coming together to produce immense positive results. THAT’S powerful. THAT’S worth sharing. The success stories featured here include a range of triumphs. Each story has one thing in common: a reason to feel optimistic.


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